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At  DIVERGENT CHURCH we love the word, we love people and most of all we LOVE GOD with all our hearts, souls, strength, and mind.'

Where ever you are on your journey we believe DIVERGENT CHURCH is a safe place to experience the radical love and purposes of God.

You can learn more about Divergent including 'Why Divergent' and our 'Mission and Vision'.


Food/ Coffee

Community is our heart and nature, even 'at church' we love to hang out. Our services are structured but casual with great food and coffee and time to connect. We believe in the significance of community and food helps (don’t worry there is also healthy stuff in their as well).



Our gatherings tend towards a full band environment and are lively and passionate, though we do love more acoustic vibe as well and so that can happen at times.

Either way, we love worshipping God through music as it expresses the soul. 




At Divergent we have a teaching / preaching team that come from different backgrounds, each bring different differing gifts, life experience and style, all are passionate about God's word. 

At DIVERGENT CHURCH, we believe in the word spoken both with relevance and conviction, never compromising the counsel of God. It is the word that is the foundation of everything we do in life. 

Sermons at Divergent Church Canberra City operate under a number of different methodologies from Topical to Book series. We do not hold any methodology to be sacred, the word itself preached with clarity, in its context and with conviction is our heart and intent.


Team Leadership


Locally Kade and Rachel Klemke lead our teams in Canberra and Queanbeyan region under the wider Divergent oversight team which oversights and connects other communities part of the wider Divergent family outside of Canberra.


Each gathering has it's own local leadership teams working together to see genuinely healthy and vibrant communities living out the life of Jesus in every day life,


Through the week


You can also connect with crew at DIVERGENT CHURCH through the week in different small groups (Life Communities) around the city. Wherever people love to be is where we love to meet - Cafés, Work, Uni. If you are interested give us a buzz or ask at Church.

Contact Us

Thanks for contacting us, someone from our team will be in contact soon.


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