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DIVERGENT CHURCH Canberra & Queanbeyan is about being real people serving the real God in real life. So often the church has become a place of ‘plastic fantastics’. We believe that God has called us as we are, to become what he is crafting us into. Crew at Divergent Church Canberra come from many different backgrounds both culturally and experientially (with over 25 languages spoken with people from all around the world). Mums, Singles, Couples, Professionals, Uni Students, Youth, families, and more.


DIVERGENT CHURCH Canberra & Queanbeyan gathers to encourage one another, to laugh, to share stories, to connect, to raise one voice, and to open up the Bible and hear teaching that changes the way we live.


Our music is contemporary, the coffee and food is good, the dress is casual. Planet Life Kids happens each Sunday morning. (though not at //CITY)


People at church also come from all across the City from Belconnen and Gunghalin in the North, Tuggeranong in the South, Queanbeyan, Weston Creek and Woden Valley. Thus we have small groups (Life Communities) in or developing in most areas of Canberra.


There is some information below on 'What to Expect' but you can also check out our 'Frequently asked Questions' page as well. 


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